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HOMESTAY from a female
and queer perspective
our mission

Meet other queer people & women you truly connect with

The first motivation to start Quouch was simply to create another homestay platform like Couchsurfing (CS) for queer people & women (FLINTA*). We, as a female and queer founders team, ended up on some strange person's (mostly cis-male) couch a million times when using CS and eventually got pretty fed up with this. But also, there is this initial layer of trust and understanding that you as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community feel when you meet another queer person. It is really hard to find that by coincidence. Building this travel platform where queer hosts and travellers can meet each other is one way to faciliate this - but then we thought, can’t we make it even easier? We decided to develop a matching algorithm, so that you really meet the people you click with.

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and how do we do it?

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we match travellers
and hosts by humour

So how do we make sure you do connect and have a really good time together?

We match hosts and travellers based on humour, preferences and personality. We developed a research-backed humour test to bring you together with someone who cracks up laughing about the same things you do.

Take the test and find out what humour type you are.

take the humour test
as a HOST

Share your home
with  travellers

Stay at home and let the world come to you. You decide if, when and who you want to host and how much time you spend with them.

Trust & Privacy

Build relationships with trustworthy people that you are being matched with. Quouch is invite-only and users need to adhere to a strict code of conduct.

stay at a local's home

Hang out with people who know the area. Discover the queer local hotspots and places you would normally not be aware of.


Be in new places but still around people who understand you. Without having to explain the basics again and again.
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