Welcome! We are seriously hyped about showing you around

There is this initial layer of trust and understanding that you as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community feel when you meet another queer person. It is really hard to find that by coincidence. Especially when travelling, you have to rely on your network.

We want you to feel safe and seen by the people around you, in all facets that define you including your gender, sexual orientation, disability or skin color. We want you to stay with other human beings who have had similar experiences in life - people you trust because you know that you don't have to explain the basics to them again and again, as it is often the case in this world.

our story

this is quouch


What connects you most with your best friends? Do you discuss philosophical questions or random facts such as “a shrimp's heart is in its head“? We don’t know you yet - but research shows that sharing a similar kind of humour is one of the first traits that make you feel an interpersonal connection with another human being.

That made us think. Can we somehow help you in creating a meaningful connection with someone else? So that you do not have to browse endless profiles trying to decide who to stay with but that you, at the same time, still have the best possible result? Can we match you with other users according to your type of humor?

This is what we do.

How do we make sure it’s safe?

We decided to make Quouch an invite-only platform to start with. This way we ensure a sustainable growth of our community with people who truly resonate with our values. We believe the integrity of every single user on our platform is the basis of a safe and enjoyable experience.

How much does it cost?

Users will have to pay a small amount. We are testing the app in this moment and experiment with different models. It is important to us that you can travel as low budget as possible while maintaining the standards we promise - shared values, a safe environment and feeling truly connected to your host or traveller.

when do we launch?

Our first Beta version will go live in January 2023.


the team

nora (She/Her). Founder/CEO

An image of Founder/CEO Nora

Nora used to travel a lot using Couchsurfing. At some point, she was fed up with the amount of creepy guys she was meeting. Especially as a queer woman, without even the SLIGHTEST interest, that was pretty annoying. She realized: It does not have to be like this. That was the start of Quouch. Aside, she performs and produces music as her alter ego "Herr Nora" (herrnora.com).

lisbeth (SHE/HER). CTO

An image of CTO Lisbeth

Responsible for bread and butter, heart and soul. Problem solver and in-house Genius, Lisbeth is building the app you soon will be using every time you travel. When she is not working, she is spending her entire time (and money) in Berlins clubs and Yoga studios. It literally IS either the one or the other.
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